Ribbon Candy Electroplated Earrings with Black Beads - Zakali Creations

Silverplated copper wire twisted into stunning ribbon design earringsAccented with a glass beadYoung men and women find a sustainable income and a path out of the Nairobi slums by making these earringsEarrings hang approximately 2 inch below hypoallergenic hooks

Meet the Artisans

Zakale Creations

Working with Jedando Modern Handicrafts the young men and women of Zakali Jewelry produce handmade fair trade fashion jewelry using the skills of wire work and electroplating. The project first started as a garbage collection project in the slums of Nairobi. Recycling remains very close to the heart of the project and much of the material used is reclaimed or recycled, including the cord found inside of tires, which is used to string beads.

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