Albert and Magdelena

Posted on October 05, 2015 by Kevin Frahm


Albert and Magdalena Espin started as tagua jewelry artisans about 17 years ago. They met at a button factory and from there they moved to the coast to sell tagua adornments to tourists on the beach. Now living In Quito, they have their own tagua workshop where they focus on producing high quality goods and maintaining a tight-knit group of workers.

Albert and Magdalena emphasize the importance of education to their children Mauricio, Fernando and Diana. Albert went back to finish high school a few years ago and Magdalena has recently started studying again in hopes of getting her degree also. Their dreams include good health, love within their family and to have a strong household for the children. Magdalena says that “my dream is to ask for good health, love within our family, and to have a house together for the children.”

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