Posted on October 02, 2015 by Kevin Frahm

Wasim was born and raised in Sanganer village, in west Rajasthan, India. His family has been in the paper making industry for over 80 years, and he inherited the art from his elders. Made from recycled cotton rags, the raw paper is then converted into beautiful products such as journals, albums and other types of social stationery without the aid of heavy machinery.

Wasim’s workmanship is excellent and he earns a lot of respect in the community for his art. He mentions that it is hard work, but he enjoys the satisfaction of creating something so beautiful and the opportunity to express himself creatively. He hopes that this art stays alive in times to come.

After the paper is created and the journals put together, our artisans embellish them in one of two ways. One way is through hand embroidery. The covers of many journals, as well as entire sheets of paper, paper bags, paper boxes and other stationery, can be embellished with embroidered patterns. Our artisans are very skilled and can create almost any design. Most of their work involves floral motifs. They set their own quality-control goals, making sure all the embroidery looks flawless.

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